How do we encourage global and cultural understanding in our classrooms? How can we do better?

  • Create strong classroom community and then expand from there.
  • Experience different cultural celebrations. Watch Discovery Streaming Videos and reinact those experiences. Use technology tools to communicate with others around the world. Discuss role models from other places around the world. Acknowledge global celebrations, events, and cultures. Validate different cultures and encourage sharing. 2nd Language phrases of the week.

  • Explorer idea - the Amazing Race Geography game - search for landmarks around the country (Include roadblocks - i.e. taste test cheeses for midwest
  • Incorporate Food into the classroom, and Music
  • get into the rituals and the WHY for their customs
  • encourage learning other languages

Do we teach our kids in a systematic way how to conduct lives of purpose and service?

  • We are not necessarily teaching service systematically
  • Perhaps we can build in service projects to relate to standards
  • Sense of community

How can we expose our students to a greater "diversity of perspectives, viewpoints, and life experiences"?

  • Give students opportunities to have those experiences. Dive deeper; not just the stereotipical surface.
  • Utilize Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.
  • Bring in Olympians to discuss their experiences traveling and interacting with people from other countries (ask them what questions they get asked from other countries' teams
  • Use world events like Olympics and World Cup as teachable moments. FIFA - watch games and discuss the diversity of the players' nationalities (many have multiple citizenship and have lived/played for different places) Observe the ways other countries react to wins, losses, participate. Discuss protests.

What is the role of technology in bringing diversity and intercultural awareness into the curriculum?

  • Technology will be the primary way to interact with people from other countries (Skype, Google Hangouts, ePals, videos, Google Earth)
  • Technology can also separate and distance the haves and have nots