How do we encourage global and cultural understanding in our classrooms? How can we do better?

We teach world music lessons, culture lessons are a part of each unit in world languages, use videos, movies and YouTube to show cultural info; we can do more through the content areas, along with focus on communication and writing, etc. music, food, architecture, our own culture roots.

Do we teach our kids in a systematic way how to conduct lives of purpose and service?

Character education is a priority, honor societies encourage service and purpose, programs about students who are active now in service, etc. extracurricular activities could support efforts of awareness about global issues. We could do more...with administrative support And focus on these issues.

How can we expose our students to a greater "diversity of perspectives, viewpoints, and life experiences"?

Bring in guest speakers, video resources, field trips, foreign travel, research projects, plays, ...

What is the role of technology in bringing diversity and intercultural awareness into the curriculum?

Added communication, exposure, research, available resources, etc.