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Grade Level
Notes/ Spanish lesson ideas
begin to see differences and learn about traditions and celebrations.
To discuss and learn Day of the Dead, how it compares with US idea of Halloween.

look at perspectives, practices and products of celebrations.
To discuss practices with a guest speaker, viewing products from Day of the dead. Students prepare interview questions to learn similarities and differences with Halloween.

cultural knowledge and relationship between practices and perspectives.
To discuss, research, and present on cultural approaches and attitudes to death, grief, and remembrance.

recognition of stereotypes, recognize cultural practices in daily life.
To discuss and diffuse cultural stereotypes associated with death, attitudes about religious beliefs, and family practices with these concepts.

language and culture can not be separated and culture is essential to authentic communication.
To discuss topics related to remembrance of loved ones that have passed in various Spanish-speaking countries and how these attitudes relate to personal belief, background, and personal cultural attitudes.